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True crime investigation using body-camera footage from police departments all over America. What dramatic twists and turns will lead to catching the killer?


Episode 1

One In The Chamber

A retirement community in Evansville is stunned when a 65-year-old man is found shot dead in his own home. Detectives quickly learn this is no ordinary homicide.

Episode 2

The Body In The Truck

The badly beaten body of a 56-year-old man is found in the back of a pickup truck. Detectives search for answers until a shocking discovery reveals the truth.

Episode 3

Friends Like These

A woman shocks the Titus County Sheriff's Office when she reports her husband's kidnapping. Police race to find him, but things are not as they seem.

Episode 4

Three Loud Booms

In what looks like a planned ambush, a man is found dead in his garage in Arizona. Police look into a romance gone wrong to find his killer.

Episode 5

Midnight On Autumn St

A late-night shooting at an apartment complex in Arkansas, leaves a young man dead in a bad drug deal. Will the accomplice lead police to his killer?

Episode 6

The Smoke Shop

Florida detectives investigate the shooting of teenage track star. A source close to home delivers the prime suspect straight to Sheriff's front door.

Episode 7

I Did Something Real Bad

When Orlando Euell's body is left for dead on the side of the road in Milwaukee, police examine surveillance footage to learn about his last moments.

Episode 8

Two Neighbors

A relative finds Cindy Testerman strangled to death in her own home. When a second woman goes missing, police race to get the person responsible off the streets.

Episode 9

Follow The Tracks

Texas police investigate the shooting of 23-year-old Jose Armando Pina. A masked perpetrator flees the crime scene and leaves behind vital evidence.

Episode 10

Help, I've Been Shot

Evansville officers arrive at a crime scene to find a victim barely alive. But the stakes get even higher when another injured victim goes missing.

Episode 11

Club Chaos

A shooting at an after-hours nightclub in Ohio leaves one person dead and multiple others injured. It causes chaos as suspects flee the scene.

Episode 12

Sergeant Hassel

Officers find Tyrone Hassel III shot to death outside his father's home while on leave from the Army but can't hide their shock when the killer reveals themselves.

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