Episode 1

You Know What Time It Is

Detective Fil Waters recounts how a shocking lead caught on video led to him unearthing the killer of Aidee Reyna. Who murdered the mother-of-two?

Episode 2

The Murders At Immaculate Auto Sales

Three members of a tight-knit family are brutally murdered in broad daylight whilst at work. It takes Fil Waters four months to find the killer.

Episode 3

Missing On Christmas Eve

A mother's worst nightmare becomes reality when her 12-year-old son is abducted on Christmas Eve. Detective Waters stops at nothing to solve this crime.

Episode 4

Bonnie And Clyde

When two cab drivers are murdered in under a week, Houston is thrown into a frenzy. One of the homicides is caught on camera and it seems a deadly duo...

Episode 5


A young woman finds her beloved neighbour beaten to death in her own home. However, she is determined to help Detective Fil Waters find the callous killer.

Episode 6

Like Mother, Like Daughter

A young mother is strangled to death in her bedroom while her son sleeps. Det. Fil Waters learns the victim's own mother was murdered 25 years earlier.

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