Episode 1

Seeds Of Death

When Sonya Ivanoff is found shot to death near the remote village of Nome, Alaska, detectives rely on forensic science to catch her murderer.

Episode 2

Burning Secrets

When 80-year-old Dorothy Murphy is murdered after leaving the house to run errands, investigators discover her case is tied to an unsolved drive-by shooting.

Episode 3

The Grim Sleeper

In the late 1980s, an elusive serial killer stalks the streets of Los Angeles. Two decades later, new technology puts an end to The Grim Sleeper's reign of terror.

Episode 4

Root Of All Evil

When a little girl disappears from a small town, detectives look at suspects close to home. Forensic science and a tip leads to a trusted friend with a dark past.

Episode 5

A Knock At The Door

The torture and murder of a mother shakes the community of Newton to its core. When another woman goes missing, police learn that the cases might be linked.

Episode 6

Jaws Of Death

When a mother is murdered in the night, her sadistic killer left no evidence behind. Then, months later an attack in another state seems to be by the same person.

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