About The Show

Experts and eyewitnesses try to unlock the mystery of the Alaska Triangle, a remote area infamous for alien abductions, Bigfoot sightings and paranormal phenomena.


Episode 1

The Dark Pyramid

A secret government facility in the wilderness may be hiding an extra-terrestrial pyramid. And, are strange forces in the Triangle making wildlife more aggressive?

Episode 2

Bigfoot Island

Is a Sasquatch colony terrorising the residents of a remote island? And, could decades of UFO sightings suggest that aliens are working with the US military?

Episode 3

Kodiak Dinosaur

A sonar recording may prove that a prehistoric monster stalks the seas around Kodiak Island. Researchers investigate the disappearance of thousands of airplanes.

Episode 4

Gold Rush Ghost Town

A ghost hunter seeks out spirits from the gold rush in Skagway, Alaska. Tiny demonic creatures may be behind thousands of disappearances in the Triangle.

Episode 5

Haunted Fairground

A fairground on the city limits of Fairbanks is rumoured to be home to a dark spirit. Ghost hunters try to contact this powerful poltergeist.

Episode 6

Ghosts Of Independence Mine

A team of ghost hunters investigate an abandoned gold mine. Plus, numerous sightings suggest a fearsome Yeti inhabits the Alaskan mountains.

Episode 7

UFOs Of The Triangle

The Alaskan skies are filled with unexplainable lights and objects. Witness accounts and never-before-seen evidence suggest UFOs are landing in the area.

Episode 8

Aggressive Bigfoot

Hostile Sasquatches are said to be leaving the wilderness behind for Alaska's major cities. Plus, ghost hunters search for evidence at an infamous hotel.

Episode 9

Mysteries Of Ketchikan

An underwater alien base may be located off the coast of a quiet Alaskan town. Plus, new evidence shows that a legendary predatory creature could be real.

Episode 10

Mysterious Forces

Ominous sounds from the skies could be a sign of the impending apocalypse. Plus, drivers are frightened by phantom headlights and ghostly hitchhikers.

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