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Bill customises a brand new 2018 Yukon Denali by dropping it to the floor on 28×15 wheels, all while keeping the third-row seats for the client’s family.


Episode 1

Tale Of Two Fords

A long-time client wants to improve upon a near-perfect '68 Ford Ranger. The team creates an all-new custom chassis, handmade interior and Coyote 5.0 engine swap.

Episode 2

Imposta To Impala

A 1996 Impala surprises the guys when they discover it's an imposter. The team improves it with custom body fabrications, rear subframe and handmade interior.

Episode 3

Big And Bigger

Bill is no stranger to truck builds getting bigger than planned, so it's no surprise when a 1971 Suburban goes even bigger with lifted air suspension and interior.

Episode 4

Low And Loud

The team drops a new 2020 Denali dually to the floor, so make one of their longest custom chassis ever. And, they get a pro-mod Bel Air back on the...

Episode 5

Show And Go Dually

Ekstensive turns a stock 2020 Denali dually into frame-dropping, show-stopping work truck. As a final touch, Bill handmakes articulating speakers for the bed.

Episode 6

Beantown Continental

A '64 Lincoln has been collecting dust for years. The guys bring this classic roadster back with a late-model Coyote engine and handmade interior.

Episode 7

The New Old School Suburban

A 1971 Suburban returns to the shop for more power and even more custom metalwork. When a client finds parts and pieces of a '68 C10, Bill gets to work.

Episode 8

Texas Square Body

Bill gets déjà vu on a 1985 Chevy C10 square body. He and the team try to outdo themselves with a handmade chassis and air ride, interior and bed.

Episode 9

Rock'n Bronco

Musician and long-time truck enthusiast Ted Nugent brings in is his beloved 1974 Bronco. Plus, Bill works on a handmade, off-road buggy.

Episode 10

Blue Thunder Coupe Part 1

A local client wants to surprise his dad with a custom 1946 Ford Coupe. Plus, Bill goes classy and supercharged with his wife's 2021 Escalade.

Episode 11

450 Reasons To Go Bigger

Bill and the team customise a 2021 F-450 King Ranch. They give it an innovative lifted suspension setup, a painted grille and a custom-made trailer.

Episode 12

A Texas-Sized Surprise

Bill is surprised when John Cena drops off a 1969 MGC. Plus, the guys are nearly finished with their painstaking transformation of the 1946 Ford Coupe.

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