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Bill customises a brand new 2018 Yukon Denali by dropping it to the floor on 28×15 wheels, all while keeping the third-row seats for the client’s family.


Episode 1

Jeep Splits And Foreign Whips

Bill and the team split a 1960 Willys Jeep into four pieces to make it longer and wider. Plus, a 1998 AMG G-Wagon gets overhauled.

Episode 2

Mom-Ster Truck

After pro wrestler and actor John Cena makes a surprise appearance at the shop, Bill and the guys begin to customise John's small 1969 MGC to be a perfect fit.

Episode 3

From The Ground Up

Bill designs a clever cantilever suspension system for a 1928 Ford Rat Rod. And, an old friend needs help with the new tires on his 1975 Chevrolet C-10.

Episode 4

Root Beer Cadillac

The crew blends old and new when a client wants to radically redesign her 1974 Eldorado. Plus, the team deal with a big problem on a 2021 Silverado 4500 HD.

Episode 5

Bigger, Badder Wrecker

Never satisfied to keep a truck in stock condition, Bill and the team work their magic to customize a brand-new 2022 International wrecker.

Episode 6

H1 Hummer-Dinger

A 2001 Hummer H1 needs some serious reinforcements. Bill changes things up on his completely custom, all-tube buggy by borrowing technology from monster trucks.

Episode 7


Actor John Cena is amazed by the transformation of his British classic 1969 MGC into a custom-built masterpiece with all-American trimmings.

Episode 8

Across The Block

The Mecum Auction comes to town, and Bill runs four vehicles across the block. The team starts their next monster build, a custom all-tube buggy.

Episode 9

Hometown Homerun Van

The Houston Astros request a custom van that brings the party. Bill gives a 1968 C10 one of their most innovative suspension and chassis designs to date.

Episode 10

Ram Tougher And Louder

Bill takes the 1968 C10 into uncharted territory with over-the-top fabrication and an epoxy river bed that tests their skills like nothing before.

Episode 11

C10 To End All C10s

Bill refuses to hold anything back on the 1968 C10, as it finishes in a Texas-sized flourish looking unlike anything they've ever customised before.

Episode 12

Bill's 1,500-HP Diesel Buggy

The team custom builds every part for Ekstensive's first-ever vehicle built entirely from scratch, the heavy-duty, 1,500-hp buggy of Bill's dreams.

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