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In just a few days, London chef Aaron Craze must not only learn the local fare of Puebla, but do well enough to challenge one of the best local chefs to a taste off.


Episode 1

Mexico City

Chef Aaron Craze must not only become familiar with the local cuisine, but also challenge the dishes of the best Mexico City chefs to a taste off judged by the...

Episode 3


Chef Aaron Craze is on a gastronomic journey to beat the best chefs at their own game. With locals as judges, he'll have to master Brazilian cuisine if he hopes...

Episode 4


Aaron Craze's culinary adventures lead him to Paraty, a tropical paradise in south Brazil, where he must find the best local chefs and challenge one to a taste off.

Episode 5

Kuala Lumpur

Chef Aaron Craze must familiarize himself with Malaysian food, and also uncover the secrets of Kuala Lumpur's best chefs, picking one to challenge in a taste off.

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