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21st January


About The Show

Following the antics of business partners, best friends and constant rivals Wayde King and Brett Raymer, as they run America’s largest aquarium company, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.


Coming Soon

Episode 1

Keyshia Cole's Dream Tank

R&B singer Keyshia Cole is literally dreaming of a beautiful saltwater aquarium in her home. Luckily for ATM, her social media followers led her to them!

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Mel's Drive In Tank

A California restaurant is after a tank for their new location in Santa Monica! The owners want a nostalgic feel and replicas to represent its 70-year history.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Brett's Donut Mania Tank

Donut Mania is Brett's newest business venture and they're having a grand opening. Wayde and the team want to congratulate him with a surprise fish tank!

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Triple Tank Throwdown!

Businessman Brad Jennings wants to complete his new office with three tanks. The guys work on three complementary interiors which include a working fireplace!

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Fernando Vargas's Knockout Tank

World champion boxer, Fernando Vargas, asks ATM to make a boxing glove-shaped tank for his boxing gym in Las Vegas. Can they deliver a knockout?

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Howie Mandel's Surprise Tank

Howie Mandel wants ATM to build another tank! This time it's a surprise for his manager's company - and their an existing tank needs a major upgrade.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Amazing Piano Tank

Pianoworks in New York wants Wayde and Brett to build them their own piano-shaped tank made from acrylic. Will the guys hit the right note?

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Gangster Tank

The Mob Museum makes ATM an offer they can't refuse! They want a tank with replica sunken rum runner for their prohibition exhibit and speakeasy in downtown Las Vegas.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

The Fast And The Fishiest

A company designing customisations for high-end and rare vehicles wants an exotic fish tank. They want a huge, three-sided build as their centrepiece.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Kurt Busch's Tank-A-Dega 500

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch and his wife want a little piece of paradise inside their aquarium. They want to replicate their wedding location!

Coming Soon

Episode 11

The Wonderful Dr. Oz Tank

Dr. Oz wants to add some fresh water fish to his home. The tank will have an Oz themed interior that will have fish swimming down the yellow brick road.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

All In The Ocean

The Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City wants to bring the ocean into the Ocean. The 6,000-gallon aquarium has the team burning through panels to get the job done.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Demarcus Cousins And A Snake Tank

Basketball superstar Demarcus Cousins wants a tank for his new house. Meanwhile, a local exotic pet store wants a tank for both fish and reptiles!

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Wildfire Rescue Tribute Tank

A shopping centre in Santa Rosa wants an aquarium that pays respects to the firefighters that helped the area during the recent wildfires.

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fish Tank

MMA fighter Urijah Faber just opened his new gym and wants a bit of the ocean inside. And a couple wants a tank for the Marine Aquarium Convention.

Coming Soon

Episode 16

Healing Garden Waterfall

A previous customer is back, asking for an even bigger and better tank. And, the guys build a custom acrylic waterfall for a memorial in Las Vegas.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Clay Matthews' Green Bay Eel Tank

A successful American football player, Clay Matthews, is in the process of building his dream home and wants a dream aquarium to match.

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Tracy Morgan's Giant Shark Tank Under Construction

Actor Tracy Morgan wants to swim with his huge sharks, so he wants the guys to tank his entire pool house!

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Tracy Morgan's Giant Shark Tank Revealed!

Tracy Morgan is still waiting for his shark tank. The pressure is on to convert his entire pool house into a huge 14,000-gallon aquarium!

Coming Soon

Episode 20

A Merry Fishy Christmas

A chocolate factory gears up for its annual Holiday Cactus Lighting event. They task Wayde and Brett with building the ultimate festive tank.