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A definitive collection of modern war stories. Illustrated with real combat footage, and told by the men and women who fought on the frontlines of Afghanistan.


Episode 1

Band Of Brothers

101st Airborne rookies, McCool and Boucher, are deployed to one of the deadliest combat bases of the war. They pack a helmet cam and document that fateful year.

Episode 2

Hero Flight

After three months in Afghanistan, the 101st Airborne suffers a devastating hit. For Rookie medic, Shreeve, one mistake and SGT Petry will be paralysed.

Episode 3

Flipping The Switch

Sgt Adams is determined to get his men home safely - but it won' be easy. The men are getting desensitised to the non-stop fire and have unusual ways of...

Episode 4


It's the Afghan election and the 101st Airborne prepare for attack from the Taliban. At Outpost Pride Rock, they face a gruelling battle - with brutal consequences.

Episode 5

The Long Road Home

The 101st prepares to leave Afghanistan. After a year in the Korangal the soldiers are changed men, but six years and a reunion later promises some peace.

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