Episode 1

Black Market Baby Dealer

Jane Blasio is working to reunite stolen babies with their biological families. Plus, she uncovers some shocking truths about Dr. Hicks himself.

Episode 2

Forced Delivery

After a tireless search for Diane's birth father, Lisa and Jane are finally able to track down a possible match. Plus, Chris makes another discovery about Dr. Hicks.

Episode 3

Mausoleum Break-In

Jane and Lisa meet the first Hicks baby, Stephen Dilbeck. Plus, Chris and Hicks' granddaughter Sallie open a vault in search of birth records that may be inside.

Episode 4

Unexpected Revelations

After 70 years of searching, Stephen receives some shocking news regarding his birth family. Chris and Sallie are close to getting important information.

Episode 5

Buried Truth

Jane and Lisa share news regarding the exhumation with a group of Hicks babies that have questioned whether he was in fact their biological father.

Episode 6

Secrets From The Grave

Wendy and her team encounter unexpected challenges with the exhumation. After the exhumation, Sallie and the Hicks babies learn the DNA results.

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