About The Show

Elliot Guidry and his Cajun crew at the Bayou Enforcement Agency on Supernatural Threats investigate mysterious swamp creatures lurking in Louisiana’s bayou.


Episode 1

Cajun Werewolf

Elliot Guidry and his team of B.E.A.S.T. (the Bayou Enforcement Agency on Supernatural Threats) are in hot pursuit of the legendary - and deadly - Rougarou.

Episode 2

Honey Island Swamp Monster

In the murky bayous of Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp, Elliot and his team have their hands full with the notorious 400-pound Honey Island Swamp monster.

Episode 3

The Grunch

After following a pack of infamous Grunch into the middle of the swamp in unsettled weather, Elliot and his team realise that the hunter has become the hunted.

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