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Fourth generation logger Bobby Goodson and his crew go into swamps where most loggers don’t dare to go. But can a freak storm wreck his logging plans?


Episode 1

Snow Days

Bobby Goodson welcomes a new member to his team and prepares to move to a fresh tract of land. But will an irate landowner and a bad storm, stop the...

Episode 2

Road Warriors

Wet weather leads to muddy roads and bad conditions, threatening the crew's ability to haul wood to the mills. Plus Bobby must tear out a 300-foot long beaver dam.

Episode 3

Land Dispute

As the crew finishes the Smith Tract, Bobby deals with a dispute over a neighbouring property line, a surprise from Corbett Timber and a crewmember's resignation.

Episode 4

Hell of a Week

As Goodson's All-Terrain winds down on one tract and prepares to move to another, Bobby's stress level rises when a permit snag threatens the move.

Episode 5

Crisis of Faith

Goodson's All-Terrain loses a key crewmember when Bo faces a life threatening illness and is put on a ventilator. The family rallies for a benefit on his behalf.

Episode 6

All In

As conditions on Buckle tract improve, Bobby goes to Las Vegas to buy equipment. And growing concerns that the crew is gambling with their health, sees Bobby take action.

Episode 7

Pulp Friction

Pulpwood mill restrictions and broken equipment threaten hopes for a successful week. Meanwhile, Lori has a big birthday surprise in store for Bobby.

Episode 8

Redemption Day

The pulp mill closing down puts the Goodson crew to the test. And as pressure mounts, the truckers clash over stolen loads and Bobby becomes stuck in the middle.

Episode 9

Buckle Down

As the crew prepares for a company move, Bobby and Justin leave town. But equipment breakdowns and mill closures force them to take matters into their own hands.

Episode 10

No End in Sight

When the crew starts at the new Lennon tract they are faced with bad wood and longer hauls. They soon fight amongst themselves and struggle to keep morale up.

Episode 11

The Tipping Point

The future of Goodson's All Terrain hangs in the balance. Hampered by costly mistakes and mounting pressure, Bobby must figure out how to turn things around.

Episode 12

Blame Game

The Church Tract is delivering great wood but technical issues are still plaguing the crew. Plus, Joy is hospitalised with gall stones; will she need surgery?

Episode 13

On the Move Again

Bobby and the crew push on to finish the Church Tract and prepare to move further afield. But will mistakes and costly complications stop them in their tracks?

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