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Tuesday 16th July at 4:00 am


About The Show

Fourth generation logger Bobby Goodson and his crew go into swamps where most loggers don’t dare to go. But can a freak storm wreck his logging plans?


4:00 am

3 Aug


Episode 1

Snow Days

Bobby Goodson welcomes a new member to his team and prepares to move to a fresh tract of land. But will an irate landowner and a bad storm, stop the...

4:00 am

6 Aug


Episode 2

Road Warriors

Wet weather leads to muddy roads and bad conditions, threatening the crew's ability to haul wood to the mills. Plus Bobby must tear out a 300-foot long beaver dam.

4:00 am

7 Aug


Episode 3

Land Dispute

As the crew finishes the Smith Tract, Bobby deals with a dispute over a neighbouring property line, a surprise from Corbett Timber and a crewmember's resignation.

4:00 am

8 Aug


Episode 4

Hell of a Week

As Goodson's All-Terrain winds down on one tract and prepares to move to another, Bobby's stress level rises when a permit snag threatens the move.

4:00 am

9 Aug


Episode 5

Crisis of Faith

Goodson's All-Terrain loses a key crewmember when Bo faces a life threatening illness and is put on a ventilator. The family rallies for a benefit on his behalf.