Episode 1

High School Riches

A teenager's unconventional hobby takes him from high schooler to high roller. An unsolicited knock on a Louisiana door leads to a very welcome financial boom.

Episode 2

Daddy Warbucks

An army veteran goes from overseas contractor to overnight millionaire, a homeless man gets a gift from beyond the grave, and artistic instincts pay off handsomely.

Episode 3

Role Of A Lifetime

A pair of jobless actors get the star treatment from a fan showing his love in a startling way. Plus, renovating a humble cottage leads to a shocking discovery.

Episode 4

Culinary Cash Out

A chef secures a job that takes him from struggling chef to millionaire mogul. Plus, an out-of-work New Yorker answers a life-changing phone call.

Episode 5

Going Viral

A couple cling to love through a tough situation and reap the reward of their loyalty. Plus, a teenager bags more than just groceries when a snapshot goes viral.

Episode 6

Hide Your Kids Hide Your Wife

Betsy Gibson finds that someone else's trash can be her treasure in more ways than one. Plus, a shop owner stores his hope in the right place.

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