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31st January



Feb 1


Episode 13

A Bumpy Start

After a devastating crash, JJ's son Doughboy questions if he should continue racing. When racers from St. Louis come to town, bad weather ends the race early.

Feb 1


Episode 14

Tricia Fights Back

Racers from St. Louis are in town. Since one of them tried to burn Tricia down, the Memphis gang are done playing nice and devise a new strategy.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Arms Drop, Friendships Stop

The Memphis family continue their tour with a stop in Vegas. JJ is confident they can win big, but the lack of maintenance is causing car trouble.

Coming Soon

Episode 21

Bet On Memphis

It's round two in the Vegas races, and after their success in the first round the Memphis crew are having to go head to head. It's family vs family!

Coming Soon

Episode 23

Needing Dough

A group of racers from Indiana race the Memphis gang. But, when they aren't honest about tyre size to get a race, JJ must keep his son calm.

Coming Soon

Episode 24


Memphis heads to Ohio to meet up with a group with flashy cars and deep pockets. But JJ is hesitant when he agrees to run his small tyre cars against...

Coming Soon

Episode 25

Grassroots Racin'

Memphis heads to Kentucky to meet up with street racers with regular cars. After a rocky start, Tricia's $4,000 race at the end of the night is make or break.

Coming Soon

Episode 26

Big Brawls

Memphis starts the season against a friendly group of racers from Illinois. After rain ends the night, JJ sets up race with a group from Detroit - but it's full...

Coming Soon

Episode 27

Memphis Vs. The Rock City

Memphis' race night continues against the loudmouth group from Detroit and make an unusual bet. It's risky, but if they can pull it off, they win $20,000.

Coming Soon

Episode 28

A Precious Chevelle

JJ surprises Precious with a new '69 Chevelle for her birthday. Memphis gets a callout to race from Texas, who have brought some serious hustle.

Coming Soon

Episode 29

Mid Atlantic Meltdown

The MSO family takes on the Mid Atlantic Street Outlaws, whose awesome cars include a doorless dragster. Can Memphis keep up with the pace?

Coming Soon

Episode 30

Small Tire Mountaineers

The Memphis family is at an air strip in West Virginia for the small tyre event of JJ's Arm Drop, in a bid to take home the $15,000 prize.

Coming Soon

Episode 31

Arm Drop In Appalachia

JJ and the Memphis family gear up for the big tyre event of JJ's Arm Drop in West Virginia. The asphalt on this former airstrip is sketchy - and dangerous.

Jan 31


Episode 33

What Makes A Man

A deep dive into the backstory of JJ Da Boss and his family of racers. JJ talks about his past, and how love, family and honour keeps the Memphis family...