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10th August



Aug 10



Episode 9

Beat Me In St Louis

The MSO heads to St. Louis to race the streets against a team of racers led by Dynamite Dave. They're ready to even the score on their home turf.

Aug 17



Episode 10

Sooner Than Later

After a gruelling night against St. Louis, MSO gets a callout from some Oklahoma Racers who want to challenge Memphis on the same sketchy street.

Aug 24



Episode 11

Second City Hustlers

As their battle with Chicago approaches, the MSO scrambles to fix Heifer after losing her to a fender bender. JJ finds a '65 Malibu but will they use it?

Episode 1

Hotheads And Hotrods

Fresh off their huge win against NOLA, JJ and the gang hit the streets again to face Quinn Shireman and the team from Kentucky. They are desperate for to win.

Episode 2

Kentucky Fried Finish

Race night against the Kentucky racers continues with JJ throwing a curveball and Kentucky falling behind. Plus, team tempers reach boiling point.

Episode 3

Meet Virginia

Race night gets rowdy when Memphis welcomes a new racing group from Virginia. The newcomers talk a big game but run out of cars after only a few races.

Episode 4

35 To 1

The Memphis family heads to Battlefield Dragway in Mississippi for one of JJ's famous arm-drop competitions, where 35 small-tyre-car racers begin round one.

Episode 5

The Memphis Tea Party

JJ gets a callout from Chris Bromley and his Fox Body Mustang drivers from Massachusetts. Plus, Chelsea is excited to race her new car.

Episode 6

War For $10k

JJ invites 32 racers from all over the country to compete in his winner-take-all event, Street Wars. The competition is open to all and has a grand prize of $10,000.

Episode 7

Texas Roadhouse

Ronnie Pace and his big-mouthed, deep-pocketed team from Texas call out JJ and MSO. Can Memphis' inexperienced drivers step up to the plate?

Episode 8

Texas Toast

Tricia and JJ both have chances to redeem themselves as the battle with Texas rages on. One mistake from the Memphis crew could mean game over.