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13th December



Dec 13



Episode 7

Raising Arizona

JJ agrees to take on a team from Arizona. But on race night the MSO realises their opponents have an arsenal of ridiculously expensive cars.

Dec 20



Episode 8

Ring My Bell

The streets of Las Vegas haven't been kind to the MSO. Local racer Brett tries to take advantage by assembling a group of hand-picked ringers to try and beat them.

Episode 1

Viva MSO

JJ challenges the racers to race on the toughest asphalt in Las Vegas. To kick things off, JJ hosts a small tire shoot-out where the winner takes home $16,000.

Episode 2

Big Chief In A Little Duck

JJ's small-tire shootout continues. Big Chief looks to go rounds in the Ugly Duck, while Precious, Ax Man and Dennis Bailey all face tough match-ups.

Episode 3

Yolo MF

The bets get bigger and bigger in Las Vegas. When Precious and Tricia lock in races with some West Coast heavy hitters, MSO puts more than $25,000 on the line.

Episode 4

Lost In Paradise

After some tough losses, JJ, Lee Roberts and Jackie look to keep the MSO alive in the competition. JJ straps into Ole Heavy to try and win some money back.

Episode 5

Boogie Nights

After Memphis struggles in the small-tire race at the first of the season, Al Boogie and the Dream Team come to Las Vegas to call out the racers from Tennessee.

Episode 6

Going Local

The MSO has been racing in Las Vegas for a few weeks now. A group of local racers call out JJ saying that the MSO can't win on their Vegas...

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