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In a brand new concept, brides must choose between a borrowed and reworked wedding dress or a brand-new gown. With designer Kelly Nishimoto and stylist Sam Saboura.


Episode 1

Bride of Liberace

Karlee is a bubbly young bride who knows exactly what she wants for her wedding. She must choose between the themes Great Gatsby, Marie Antoinette and Liberace.

Episode 2

Angelina Jolie, Eat Your Heart Out

Amy is a mom, but doesn't want to look like one at her wedding. Her own Mom's dress is far from sexy, so Kelly makes it into a 'vavavoom' dress.

Episode 3

Southern Barbie Bride

Jessica is a shy bride from North Carolina who is happy as long as she has bows and a string of pearls. Mom has big style, big personality, and loves...

Episode 4

Best Stressed Bride

Follows a bride's journey to find the perfect wedding dress, with a twist. They have to choose either a new designer gown or a fashionably reimagined heirloom.

Episode 5

Something Kelly

Our very own Kelly is getting married! She has to choose between her fiancé's family dress and a new gown that stunned Sam has found. How will she decide?

Episode 6

Beauty & The Beach

Kelly must revitalise a dress handed down to Jaime from her mum, while Sam has to find a flowy dress fit for Jaime's Hawaiian beach wedding.

Episode 7

From Active Duty To Bridal Beauty

Crystal is a tough soldier who doesn't believe in the bridal moment and isn't used to wearing dresses. Can Sam and Kelly persuade her otherwise?

Episode 8

Wedding Belles

Olivia Kate wants a dress to rival Kate Middleton's. However, her mum wants to pass down the dress Grandma made for her, and it's more 'Princess Di'.

Episode 9

Bling vs. Sibling

Sisters Alysha and Jen have very different tastes, but both are soon to wed, and both are set on wearing mom's dress down the aisle.

Episode 10

Fashion or Family

Opinionated bride Stephanie wants a jaw-dropping wedding dress, but her equally opinionated Mom insists there is none more jaw dropping than her own.

Episode 11

Tiny Bride, Big Problems

After 8 months of shopping petite bride Marcy still hasn't found a dress. She is sentimental about her mum's gown, but is struggling to make a decision.

Episode 12

I'm Not a Frumpy Milkmaid!

Paloma is from a big traditional Italian family, looking for a wedding full of glam, straight from the 1950's - but her mom's dress screams 1980's.

Episode 13

Bride Gone Wild

Tomboy Christie wants to be able to play football in her dress on her big day. Sam and Kelly will have to come up with something special, as this bride...

Episode 14

I Want to Be Buried in This Dress

Amber Joi is looking for a gown that will match her regal venue. Mum's dress is just not glam enough, but can Kelly update it to something that is?

Episode 15

Here Comes the Groom

Sally and her fiancé do everything together. They've always been on the same page, but Chas is starting to have questions, and he might not like the answers.

Episode 16

From Country Cotton to Beachy Bling

Jennipher has four weeks to find her dream gown. Mum has supplied her with her flowerchild dress, but it's too small and not the right style.

Episode 17

Damn, You Sexy Dress!

Mum wants Susan to wear her handmade gown that, but can Kelly make it sexy enough? Or will Sam find her the perfect new dress that fits her style?

Episode 18

Love On A List

Sheena likes to-do lists, and met her fiancé online so she could check off her criteria - but mum's flashy dress is not one of them. Sam and Kelly have...

Episode 19

Bridal Muscle Show

Cat wants a dress that will show off her body-builder physique, but her mother-in-law wants her to cover up with a conservative 1980s gown.

Episode 20

The Not-So-Princess Bride

Travelling the world as a character actor, Jamie wants a dress that is 100% 'her' for her wedding. But will mum and daughter agree on her gown?

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