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A look at the impact of a crime, and what follows that life-changing collision. Three connected viewpoints show how a crime forever alters the lives of those involved.


Episode 1

In The Shadows Of South Hill

In 1980, a woman falls victim to a notorious rapist. A desperate detective brings in dozens of potential other victims, can they identify the attacker?

Episode 2

One Wrong Turn

In 2005, a doting grandmother interrupts the murder of her grandson. However, as detectives investigate it seems the witness knows more than she is letting on.

Episode 3

End Of Innocence

In 1986, Geri Muck searches desperately for her missing daughter. However, it's too late and a prosecutor and her brother want to exact their own types of justice.

Episode 4

Requiem For Murder

In 1993, a woman is brutally attacked in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Police suspect a local man, but one detective believes this is the work of a serial killer.

Episode 5

No Way Out

In 1993, a shootout in broad daylight leaves a police officer dead. The gunmen flee, but the Alabama police will stop at nothing to catch the shooters.

Episode 6

Do You Know My Voice

In 2017, Linda Harden was convinced that her husband was the perfect partner. However, after he is arrested for murder her devotion is put to the test.

Episode 7

The House On Hamilton Avenue

In 2006, residents in Indianapolis called 911 to report gunfire coming from a house. Police find a total of seven bodies in a terrible mass shooting.

Episode 8

The Green Light

In 1991, a single mother takes her daughter to an electronics store. However, nearly 9 hours later she emerges as a battered survivor of a monumental hostage crisis.

Episode 9

The Last Song

In 2004, a concert is interrupted when a man pulls out a gun, opens fire and takes a hostage. As fans flee, a police officer faces an active shooter without...

Episode 10

No Good Deed

In 2009, one woman's painful struggle to overcome addiction and help others is thwarted when police performing a routine wellness check make a sinister discovery.

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