Episode 1


Acrobat and daredevil Nik Wallenda and wife Erendira want to renew their vows after 15 years. But will Nik pick a dress that is too revealing for his wife?

Episode 2


Glamazon bride Candace is in a race against the clock. Between running her cosmetics company and juggling the expectations of her wealthy family, she's got her hands full.

Episode 3


Persia's wishes are simple: a flawless white wedding and a stress free big day. But when you're a spoiled Persian princess there's bound to be trouble in paradise.

Episode 4


Brittany is planning an unforgettable grand entrance to her dramatically different wedding reception but Mother Nature has plans of her own, will it rain on her parade?

Episode 5


Melissa's overbearing family struggle to tear themselves away from the limelight on their special girls big day, but will they be able to make the sacrifice for one event?

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