Episode 1

Spring Fever

As Spring arrives in Michigan, the Barn Sanctuary prepares to open for all animals. Plus, Dan and Kelly come to the rescue of a lamb in desperate need of medical...

Episode 2

Buttercup Stampede

A cow called Buttercup comes to the barn, but the team is concerned about her feisty behaviour. And, Ginger the lamb battles a life-threatening infection.

Episode 3

House Fire Rescue

Chris experiences his first rescue and saves two goats in serious need of medical attention. Plus, Joey the calf recovers from a series of surgeries.

Episode 4

Cockfight Club

Dan travels to Chicago to give cockfighting roosters a second chance. Meanwhile, the crew worry whether an unruly cow will be welcomed by the rest of the herd.

Episode 5

Working At The Cow Wash

As summer arrives, the team host a car wash to raise money for cows and donkeys. Meanwhile, Dan goes on a covert mission to save an injured goat.

Episode 6

Baby Fever

The barn joins forces with a charity to find homes for four neglected calves. Meanwhile, a litter of piglets are born and Chris builds a playground for the goats.

Episode 7

We've Got A Pig Problem

The team welcomes a blind goat called Charlie and two ducklings. Meanwhile, Ginger the goat embraces her new prosthetics and two pigs have a tussle.