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Dan and Chris discuss some of their favourite moments from filming the show. Plus, they reveal never-before-seen footage and hilarious bloopers.


Episode 1

Spring Fever

As Spring arrives in Michigan, the Barn Sanctuary prepares to open for all animals. Plus, Dan and Kelly come to the rescue of a lamb in desperate need of medical...

Episode 2

Buttercup Stampede

A cow called Buttercup comes to the barn, but the team is concerned about her feisty behaviour. And, Ginger the lamb battles a life-threatening infection.

Episode 3

House Fire Rescue

Chris experiences his first rescue and saves two goats in serious need of medical attention. Plus, Joey the calf recovers from a series of surgeries.

Episode 4

Cockfight Club

Dan travels to Chicago to give cockfighting roosters a second chance. Meanwhile, the crew worry whether an unruly cow will be welcomed by the rest of the herd.

Episode 5

Working At The Cow Wash

As summer arrives, the team host a car wash to raise money for cows and donkeys. Meanwhile, Dan goes on a covert mission to save an injured goat.

Episode 6

Baby Fever

The barn joins forces with a charity to find homes for four neglected calves. Meanwhile, a litter of piglets are born and Chris builds a playground for the goats.

Episode 7

We've Got A Pig Problem

The team welcomes a blind goat called Charlie and two ducklings. Meanwhile, Ginger the goat embraces her new prosthetics and two pigs have a tussle.

Episode 8

Aqua Cow

Dwight the cow is taken to Indiana to receive hydrotherapy. Meanwhile, Dan welcomes over a dozen exotic farm animals and Lola the goat is ready to walk again!

Episode 9

Hungarian Hogs

Dan and Chris head across Lake Michigan to adopt two little piglets. Meanwhile, a rooster has surgery and Steve the grumpy goat needs help with his rage.

Episode 10

Reuniting The Herd

The Barn Sanctuary pigs are ready to move into their spacious new palace. Plus, the staff put on a memorial after Andy the cow passes away.

Episode 11

Hog Chase Rescue

Dan races to North Carolina to rescue a group of pigs from horrific living conditions. Plus, the organisation's new sign is put on display.

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