About The Show

Adam Savage delves into an unpredictable world, taking on the most absurd challenges only he could dream up! He engineers inventive builds to discover new information.


Episode 1

Building Iron Man

Adam Savage makes his own Iron Man armour suit made from titanium. He wants it to be bulletproof, suitable for flying and able to survive an explosion.

Episode 2

Wheel Of Death

Adam joins forces with a NASA engineer to rebuild a rocket-propelled super weapon. Originally built to breach barbed wire in WWII, they aim to fix its fatal flaws.

Episode 3


Using material salvaged from scrap yards, Adam and two colleagues design and build three motorised monsters of destruction, inspired by post-apocalyptic worlds.

Episode 4

Meteorite Sword

Adam wants to build his own version of King Arthur's legendary sword - Excalibur. Using the iron found in a meteorite, he attempts to make an indestructible weapon.

Episode 5


Adam and a demolition expert stage a series of daring experiments on one of the world's most dangerous and explosive substances: Nitroglycerin.

Episode 6

Hollywood's Deadliest Weapon

Adam teams up with actor Gary Oldman to build one of Hollywood's deadliest weapons: the ZF1 multi-artillery gun from sci-fi film, The Fifth Element.

Episode 7

Mega Food Fight

Adam stages an epic food fight with his Mythbusters pal, Tory Belleci. They build a rapid-fire weapon that turns hot dogs into destructive projectiles.

Episode 8

Dogfight Derby

Adam teams up with Lord of the Rings filmmaker, Peter Jackson, to restore a deadly fleet of fighter planes. They stage a high-flying dogfight straight out of WWI.

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