Episode 1

No Secret Is Safe

An early morning home invasion and double murder appears to be drug related. But, when police speak to the lone survivor, they discover a more sinister motive.

Episode 2

Living Lies

A picture-perfect marriage ends with a horrific murder. While the killer puts the blame on cold medicine, investigators suspect a different diagnosis.

Episode 3

Deadly Dynamics

A brutal murder occurs, and police turn their attention to several family members who don't see eye to eye. They discover a shocking truth that nobody suspected.

Episode 4

Blood Money

After two long-lost brothers connect as young adults, a dark disturbance emerges within the newly blended family unit and leads to a shocking crime.

Episode 5

Masked Motives

A grieving widow forms a romantic connection and decides to move in with her co-worker. However, after a confrontation, a vicious murder leads to callous cover-up.

Episode 6

A Family To Fear

A couple who meet later in life and are seemingly content, despite their fundamental differences, are thrown in to a world of darkness on an October morning.

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