Episode 1

The Caned Crusader / Family Values

Nordella regularly confronted drug dealers in her area. When her body is discovered in her apartment, police have a large list of suspects.

Episode 2

The In Crowd

Rachael and Tiffany are popular high school students. When they are found mercilessly gunned down, everyone wonders who could have wanted to take their lives.

Episode 3

Murder, Who Wrote? / At the End of His Rope

David leads a seemingly normal life as a police officer. When he's found dead in, police are left wondering who killed one of their own.

Episode 4

Something Borrowed, Someone Blue / The Miseducation of Avis Banks

When John Davis is found dead in his van, police and friends are baffled. Who would want him dead?

Episode 5

A New Man / School House Rocked

Firefighters are called to what appears to be an accidental fire. But the discovery of a body in the garage starts a murder investigation.

Episode 6

The Girl in the Shower / Families and Foes

A young mother doesn't show up for work one morning. When police begin investigating, they find evidence that makes them fear the worst.

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