Episode 1

The Prison Matchmaker

After finding love with an inmate, Chelsea Holmes starts a new career as a prison matchmaker. Bronx college student Isa falls hard for bad boy inmate Devin.

Episode 2

Prison Famous

Chelsea rebounds with another inmate after her boyfriend Manuel ghosts her. Aluntra finally gets to start her new life with Bryce when he's released from prison.

Episode 3

From Cell to Celibate

Sparks fly between Chelsea and soon-to-be-released inmate Michael, and Isa is worried she can't trust Devin after he requests money repeatedly.

Episode 4

Once a Cheater

Chelsea picks up Michael from prison. Bryce feels caught between his old and new life. Brey debates what to do when he finds out Arlette has a violent past.

Episode 5

Lightweight Taken

After an explosive argument, Aluntra has doubts about marrying Bryce, and Isa discovers that Devin wants to return to Chelsea's matchmaking site.

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