Episode 1

The Wrath Of Love

A man is being pulled in two directions: by his wife and by his mistress. Jealousy, obsession and a surprise engagement lead to a lethal case of road rage.

Episode 2

Old Flames Die Hard

A single mother believes she has met that man of her dreams, but her friends disagree. Then, a messy breakup and a rekindled flame ignites a jealous rage.

Episode 3

The Appointment

A young vet technician starts a steamy affair with her boss. But, his controlling wife and a surprise pregnancy announcement leads to a cold-blooded murder.

Episode 4

Slow Burn

A woman is seduced by a married police officer. Despite promising to leave his wife for her he doesn't, and this leads to anonymous letters, a fire and a lethal...

Episode 5

Episode 6

The Imposter

A woman finds love online with the man of her dreams. But, when her friends reveal a dark secret, their romance is consumed by obsession, jealousy and a killer rage.

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