Episode 1

Watch Your Children

A child is abducted while playing with a friend in front of their peaceful apartment complex. The police must sort through thousands of leads to get to the truth.

Episode 2

We're Talking About A Serial Killer

When a pregnant woman and her infant son vanish on a walk to their local corner store, the close-knit town of Deerfield Beach is terrified.

Episode 3

I Will Kill Again

In 1988, an 8-year-old is abducted in broad daylight from her Fort Wayne street. The police embark on a 30 year long-hunt to find the sadistic killer.

Episode 4

It Was A Thrill To Him

A serial killer seemed to be one step ahead of the police in Washington County, Oregon. Everyone is left shocked when they uncover the murderer.

Episode 5

Such A Pretty Girl

Family and friends are shocked when thirteen-year-old Carrie disappears on her way home from school. For over thirty years, police search for her killer.

Episode 6

He's Gonna Do It To Your Daughter

The peaceful town of Raynham, Massachusetts, is left disturbed when a cheerleader goes missing the day before her birthday. What happened to her?

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