Episode 1

Killer Swinger

A couple has recently entered the forbidden world of swingers. When the young wife falls in love with another swinger, she finds herself caught in a murder mystery.

Episode 2

Sadistic Pleasure

When a millionaire lures teen model Vicki into a sadomasochistic underworld, she's helpless to say no. But when he dies, can Vicki kick her dangerous new habit?

Episode 3

Love Thy Pastor

Teresa cannot resist the charms of her church's magnetic pastor. But when her husband turns up dead, the pious community is shocked to discover his killer.

Episode 4

Sacrificial Evil

A chance meeting with a charismatic cult leader leads Sara into a dark world. But when he calls for a human sacrifice, just how far she is willing to go...

Episode 5

Mob Girl

Georgia has always been attracted to the bad boys. But when she finds herself married to a mobster, she begins a descent into a dark world with little hope of...

Episode 6

Sex Slave

32 year old John launches his teen mistress into a dark world of drugs and prostitution, but when Johnny's pals are killed, the couple face their darkest journey yet.

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