About The Show

Tyson and Audy Leavitt create the most elaborate playhouses from their shop, Charmed Playhouses. From design to installation, they make their cute clients’ dreams a reality.


Episode 1

Playhouses In Neverland

Tyson and Audy accept a job with a Neverland theme. They must tackle a pirate ship, a Victorian townhouse and a 'lost boys' treehouse with a zipline.

Episode 2

Fairytale Castle Playhouse

Baseball star Ryan Zimmerman orders a Storybook Princess Castle with a dragon, a dance floor, and a magic wand dressing room. Can Tyson and Audy deliver?

Episode 3

The Curry Family's Pony Playhouse

Tyson and Audy build a pony stable themed playhouse for their biggest clients yet, NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his family. Will it be a success?

Episode 4

Welcome To The Jungle

Tyson and Audy are tasked with an adventure playhouse - a jungle fortress with climbing features and secret passages - but an accident causes a big setback.

Episode 5

Playhouse To The Stars

Tyson and Audy hit Hollywood with actress Alana de la Garza, who wants an observatory-themed playhouse for her kids. With limited space, creativity is key!

Episode 6

Ultimate Birdhouse Treehouse

Actor Ali Landry hires Charmed to build a chic playhouse that's fun for the kids, and inspired by a pigeon coop. Is it their toughest challenge yet?

Episode 7

Lake Cabin Playhouse

Tyson and Audy create a water sports playhouse - one of their biggest projects - with a bridge and a lake view. It's for Tyson's family, so the pressure is...

Episode 8

Ghost Train Playhouse

Tyson and Audy make spooky playhouse on a strict budget, repurposing an unsold playhouse into a crooked mansion with a haunted train crashing into it!

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