Episode 1

Sparkly Spider

Experts analyse and explain home footage of a spider that sparkles. Then, they look at what animal could have killed the ocean's best and most feared predator?

Episode 2

Racoon's 25-Storey Free Climb!

Experts analyse and explain home footage of a racoon that scales a skyscraper in Minnesota. Then, they answer why a duck has so many ducklings?

Episode 3

Critter Culprit

Who or what stole a cow's carcass that was being used for a science experiment. Plus, what natural event caused a gathering of orcas in Norway?

Episode 4

Unscrambling Eggs

Experts try to answer some of nature's strangest mysteries like, can fish really predict when an earthquake is coming? And, why are eggs shaped like that?

Episode 5

Aflocalypse Now

Experts analyse and explain footage of 5,000 birds falling from the sky in Arkansas. Plus, why would a skunk ever do a handstand and what makes a frog flash?

Episode 6

Zombie Spider

Experts analyse and explain the most intriguing natural events of our planet. At the heart of each mystery is compelling footage captured on camera.

Episode 7

Held Hostage By A Humpback

Experts explain footage of a humpback whale holding a diver hostage. Plus, how could a colony of 1.5 million animals hide from the world in plain sight?

Episode 8

Crow Crime Scene

Experts analyse and explain how spiders covered a whole town in webs overnight. Plus, do crows have funerals and why is a lake in Venezuela so electrifying?

Episode 9

Octopus Houdini

Experts analyse and explain how a bird can sing without using its voice. Plus, how can an octopus escape and then disappear from its aquarium?

Episode 10

Animal Vandals

Experts try to answer some of nature's strangest mysteries like, what animals are breaking into thousands of cars every year? And, why did the fish cross the road?

Episode 11

Scorpion Night Lights

Experts answer some of nature's strangest mysteries like, how and why scorpions glow in the dark and what is the ominous mass looming over an Icelandic lake?

Episode 12

Snowboarding Crow

Experts explain how a moose got stuck in an apple tree. Plus, why is a crow snowboarding on a jam jar lid and is Yellowstone's super volcano about to blow?

Episode 13

Disco Spider

Experts explain why some spiders dance and what is the weird, bubbling foam engulfing a whole town? Plus, what mysterious creature is preying on Europe's sheep?

Episode 14

Cuddly Shark

Experts explain what causes a tiger shark to hug a diver. Plus, why do pigs swim in the Caribbean and what is washing up in the thousands on the shores...

Episode 15

Unicorn Of The Sea

Narwhals are the unicorns of the sea, but what do they use their extraordinary tusks for? What animal has transformed Yellowstone? Experts explain it all!

Episode 16

Rattleless Rattlesnake

Experts explain where to find an enchanted underwater forest. Plus, why have some rattlesnakes on a remote Mexican island lost their rattle?

Episode 17

Elephants in the Room

Experts explain why a herd of wild elephants checks into the same hotel every year. And, what is causing giant bubble rings off the coast of Portland, Maine?

Episode 18

Octopus Throwdown!

Shocking footage shows a seal throw an octopus at a kayaker. What caused this behaviour? And, why is a moth drinking from the eye of a bird in the Amazon...

Episode 19

Alligator Bodyguards

How can a dung beetle standing on its head roll a ball in a straight line? Do egrets ever regret hanging out next to hungry alligators? Experts explain.

Episode 20

Giggling Rats

Experts examine incredible natural phenomena. Which animals get the giggles? Why do San Francisco's sea lions mysteriously swim away - all at once?

Episode 21

Big Cat Screaming Match

Experts examine incredible footage of a lone dolphin that gets muddy. Plus, why is it possible that a snake could exist totally undetected by predators?

Episode 22

The 500-Year-Old Shark

Experts examine footage of crows leaving gifts in Seattle. Plus, could a shark really be older than America? And, what is making crop circles in the sea?

Episode 23

Stripeless Zebra

Why would goats risk their lives to climb an almost vertical wall? Plus, what happens when a zebra has no stripes? Experts explain this and more!

Episode 24

Hot Cheetah

Why have a pair of giraffes turned white in Kenya? Plus, why are the world's fastest land animal not always successful when hunting? Experts examine this and more!

Episode 25

Bug Mathematician

How do bats avoid bumping into each other in the middle of the night? Why did a bottlenose dolphin seek out a diver's help? Experts examine this and more!

Episode 26

Times Square Bee Swarm

Why would 25,000 honeybees swarm a hot dog stand in the middle of Times Square? Why would a bat hunker down in the snow? Experts examine this and more!

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