Episode 1

Heads Will Roll

Brian and Jon kick off with an airbag myth - how safe is it to have your legs on the dashboard? Plus, is delayed causality really a thing?

Episode 2

Chimney Cannon

Brian and Jon investigate whether a burglar stuck in a chimney could be shot skywards by a propane explosion. Plus, an old team member returns.

Episode 3

Dead Body Double

Jon and Brian are tackling two ballistic mysteries. Is a dead body bullet proof? Plus, is a non-Newtonian fluid bomb proof?

Episode 4

Earthquake Water Heater

Jon and Brian wreak havoc with a 700-lb water-heater torpedo. And, can an exploding sleeping bag full of flatulence bust another myth?

Episode 5

Fire Arrow Vs. Gas Tank

Brian and Jon test if a flaming arrow fired into a car's gas tank causes it to erupt in flames. Plus, they test a seemingly dangerous tribal initiation.

Episode 6

Invisible Assassins

Jon and Brian put three extreme makeshift booby-traps to the test. They attempt to hide shotgun shells under floorboards but will the trick be effective?

Episode 7

Pane In The Glass

Jon and Brian reconstruct a typical Hollywood movie stunt. Plus, they test three mythical cures to see if it's possible to chop an onion, without tearing up.

Episode 8

Rock 'N' Roll Road Rage

Jon and Brian test a myth about deadly carp and water skiers. Plus, does listening to aggressive music whilst driving, also make for an angry driver?

Episode 9

Wild Wild West

The MythBusters take on two tall tales from the Wild West - a fable of gunfight tactics and a dynamite firing crossbow pistol.

Episode 10

Backseat Getaway Driver

Brian Louden and Jon Lung go to extreme lengths to see if a full-grown human really could be sent sprawling by a single piece of plumage.

Episode 11

Spike In The Road

The MythBusters investigate a tale of hydraulic hyperbole - can the jets of a fountain lift and suspend a man floating in an inflatable ring?

Episode 12

Dynamite Deposit

The MythBusters tackle an explosive criminal caper. Is it really possible to blow up a small steel safe with a timed explosive and not destroy the bank bills?

Episode 13

Electrified Escape

The MythBusters investigate is it's possible to safely escape from a burning car across a deadly high-voltage electricity "web" caused by downed power lines.

Episode 14

Dropping A Bomb

The MythBusters investigate if it's possible to unblock a toilet with molten salt. The results are explosive, but has this salt really got game to fix your throne?

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