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Meet the Williams, a progressive polygamist family who believe in love and commitment rather than religion. This modern family presents a fresh look at a controversial lifestyle.


Episode 1

Stuck In The Middle With You

Brady and his five wives face a crisis in their marriage when issues between the wives become Brady's problem.

Episode 2

Turkeys and Ticking Clocks

During Thanksgiving week, Brady is confronted with two wives wanting to have more children. But he struggles with the 24 children he already has.

Episode 3

Have Yourself a Merry Williams Christmas

The Williams are looking forward to spending time together. But Nonie decides to throw the office Christmas party all on her own.

Episode 4

While Brady's Away, the Wives Will Play

Brady and Rhonda go to visit Brady's dad. But back at home the wives suspect the trip is an excuse for them to check out real estate.

Episode 5

The Birds And The Bees & Everything In-Between

Brady goes into overprotective dad mode when he learns that one of his teenage daughters wants to start dating.

Episode 6

Wanna Know a Secret?

Paulie urges fifth-wife, Rhonda to share her possible health scare with the family. Plus, Nonie holds on to a secret of her own at a family poker night.

Episode 7

We'll Be There for You

As Rhonda waits for her test results, her sister wives come to lend their support. Later, Rosemary's new ring opens a big wound for second-wife Robyn.

Episode 8

Love Is All We Need

Love is in the air as the Williams' prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day. But the holiday is bittersweet for Paulie as her oldest son leaves for his trip to Africa.

Episode 9

You Asked, Brady and the Wives Answer

The Williams clan answers the queries that viewers have been dying to ask, from the stresses of being in a polygamist family to bedroom habits.

Episode 10

Tell All

Brady and his five wives: Paulie, Robyn, Rosemary, Nonie and Rhonda sit down with Tamron Hall to talk about everything that happened on camera and behind the scenes.

Episode 11

The Dating Lottery

Brady shocks the wives when he proposes a change that will throw everyone's routine into chaos. Plus Karlie has returned to Utah, and she has a secret to reveal.

Episode 12

Mending A Marriage

Brady attempts to heal his relationship with Robyn by arranging an anniversary re-do date. Meanwhile, Nonie worries about her difficulty getting pregnant.

Episode 13

The Big Decision

It's the 4th of July, and the sister wives hope their extended families will accept the invitation to join the party and celebrate with them.

Episode 14

Bonds Of Sisterhood

As Rhonda awaits the results of her mammogram, her sister wives plan a "mammo party." Robyn is illustrating a children's book inspired by her son's bullying.

Episode 15

Williams Family Road Trip - Seattle

The family head to Seattle to visit Brady's parents. Grandpa leads the kids on a Big Foot hunt, while Grandma delves into issues with each wife.

Episode 16

Home Sweet Seattle?

As the Williams continue their visit with Brady's parents in Seattle, Brady and the wives tour local properties they could potentially make their new home.

Episode 17

Breaking Old Habits

Back home from Seattle, it's time for Rosemary to send off daughter Taylor on her life-changing mission trip in Peru. Rosemary starts trying to get healthier.

Episode 18

How Much is Too Much?

The wives confront Brady with their frustrations after he tells them about a new side business. When all wives want to go dancing, they arrange a mega-date.

Episode 19

What Happens In Vegas...

Brady surprises Rhonda with a Las Vegas getaway to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Robyn shakes things up when she asks for two nights with Brady.

Episode 20

In The End, We're In This Together

The move may become a reality when Brady has their homes appraised. Brady's mounting stress gets the better of him, sending him to the ER.

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