Episode 1

My Thumb Is A Toe!

A woman who walked on a broken leg for 10 years is Dr. Ebonie's most difficult surgery yet. Dr. Sarah shakes the hand of a man with a big toe...

Episode 2

Hammerhead Foot

A man with a foot shaped like a hammerhead shark is one of the worst cases Dr. Brad has ever seen. A man who has never scrubbed his feet shocks...

Episode 3

My Foot Looks Like Parmesan Cheese!

Dr. Ebonie helps a teen with webbed toes. Plus, a woman with a callus the size of a block of cheese puts the doctors in new territory.

Episode 4

Monstrous Mystery Growth

The doctors help a man with a mystery growth on his foot, a young woman whose foot looks like a hand, and a woman with feet as hard as stone.

Episode 5

Horse Heels

The doctors attempt to help a woman who is so desperate she's resorted to wrapping her feet in medical tape used by veterinarians on injured horses.

Episode 6

A Smell From Hell

Dr. Brad removes growths like horns coming out of a woman's feet. Plus, Dr. Ebonie helps a woman who hasn't seen her foot in almost two years.

Episode 7

Fix My Twisty Toes!

After 25 failed surgeries, a woman is desperate for help with her twisted toes. Dr. Brad examines a giant callus, and Dr. Sarah's patient has bulges on her feet.

Episode 8

Horror Movie Bunion

Dr. Ebonie faces a bunion that looks like something from a horror movie. Meanwhile, Dr. Sarah treats a bad case of fungus and disfigured toenails.

Episode 9

Beastly Feet!

A devoted husband hopes Dr. Sarah can rid his feet of fungus and save his marriage. Plus, a woman with webbed toes and low self-esteem seeks Dr. Ebonie's help.

Episode 10

Alien Brain Toe

Dr. Ebonie removes an "alien brain" growing out of a cancer-survivor's toe. Dr. Brad takes a scalpel to a heel growth, but the patient refuses to take numbing shots.

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