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From crazy cats that break up relationships to violent felines that put their owners in hospital, cat-behaviourist Jackson Galaxy helps families cure their unruly companions.


Episode 1

Fluffy's Last Stand

A mother and daughter are being torn apart by their cat, Missy, who's determined to kill their other cat Fluffy. Can Jackson ease their woes?

Episode 1

Cat Sh#t Crazy!

During the global pandemic, Jackson is more determined than ever to help cats in need. He virtually meets a couple's ferocious felines and a family's unruly cat.

Episode 2

My Pup From Hell

Jackson works with Sydney, a Bengal, who keeps spraying on every piece of furniture in the house. Plus, energetic cat Stella threatens to harm a toddler.

Episode 3

Pee Battle

Jackson works with a mother daughter duo whose lovable cats are having a territorial spraying match. Plus, he meets with troublemaking cat Bowie who's on his last chance.

Episode 4

Lucifer The Cat

Jackson helps a single mum whose cat, Pickles, is terrifying her kids. Plus, he works with Lucifer, a cat whose devilish food obsession may cost him his life.

Episode 5

My Therapy Cat Needs Therapy

Jackson helps a veteran with PTSD whose therapy cat is stressing him out. Plus, Bartholomew is not only tearing up the furniture but also a marriage.

Episode 6

Guilt Stricken Guardian

Jackson needs to find a way to help a distressed cat's uncontrollable spraying. Plus, can he get a guilty guardian to stop feeding her diabetic cat lasagne?

Episode 7

Baby The Bully

Jackson meets a bully cat who is holding all the female cats hostage, causing them to hide in the bathroom. Plus, he meets a therapy cat who volunteers for charity.

Episode 8

Sister Smackdown

Jackson is in Philadelphia to help a cat named Charlee rebuild the confidence that her sister cat, Frankie, has nearly beaten out of her.

Episode 9

Ferocious Foster

Jackson meets an outdoor cat named Henery, who having been forced to live inside, has protested by soaking the place in pee.

Episode 10

Posey The Terror

Jackson faces the vicious claws of a troubled cat who's terrorizing a family about to bring home a newborn baby. Plus, he meets an inspirational cat named Skinny.

Episode 11

Philly's Forgotten Cats

An old friend enlists Jacksons help to recruit a new generation of volunteers in an effort to save community cats in Philadelphia.

Episode 12

Meow Mates

Jackson visits a "Cat-Bassador" who works with his guardian to help special needs cats find forever homes. Plus, Jackson visits an incredible prison programme.

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