Episode 1

Murder On The Rocks

After ranchers find the body of a teen girl on a riverbank, detectives struggle to find a suspect. Years later, police lift crucial DNA linked to the killer.

Episode 2

Twisted Scripture

After hunters discover the body of a missing young woman, police uncover a shocking secret. Blood spatters and incriminating receipts help decode her demise.

Episode 3

The Cocoon

After a young woman goes missing, children find her body in a rural community miles away. Forensic experts decipher surprising animal hair fibres and DNA evidence.

Episode 4

Prowling Wolf

A mother and her adult son a shot to death in an apartment complex. With no initial suspects, detectives find answers in shell casings, shoe impressions, and DNA.

Episode 5

Revenge With A Bullet

After motorists spot a man's body burning on the side of the highway, investigators find evidence of a brutal assassination and fiery cover-up.

Episode 6

Anatomy Of Murder

When a single father is found murdered, the autopsy reveals discrepancies. Investigators must decode digital clues to reveal a complex plan by a twisted killer.

Episode 7

Footsteps In Blood

A man calls 911 when he finds blood inside a friend's home: a community activist has been shot dead. Bloody footprints and a credit card trail lead to the killer.

Episode 8

Bridge Of Betrayal

A car is set on fire near a beach and detectives quickly find the body of a young woman. But, the killer's attempt to hide evidence leads police straight to...

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