Episode 1

The Sickness

Sue Weaver always dreamed of her own little quiet piece of paradise, but her dreams go up in smoke when a sinister guest comes knocking on August 27, 2001.

Episode 2

Wild Goose Chase

When Marlys Sather doesn't return to work after a lunch appointment, her family makes a horrifying discovery. Who would brutally murder this loving mother of three?

Episode 3

He Made Me Do It

Lila Warwick is a loving grandmother of eight whose door is always open for anyone in need. But did she unsuspectingly open up her home to a monster?

Episode 4

Red Mustang

When LeAnne Martinez fails to pick up her daughter from her mother's house, her family worries. Her red Mustang is missing, and they find a shocking scene in her home.

Episode 5

On Her Own

Marioara Shand is setting out on her own in New Mexico after a recent breakup. One day in July of 2002, police discover her body in a bloody scene inside...

Episode 6

Stuck In The Middle

Paula Cardwell is devastated when she finds her daughter lying dead on the kitchen floor. The town of Wetumpka is left determined to find the person responsible.

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