About The Show

Morgan Freeman and the sharpest scientists on the planet explore the mysteries that have puzzled mankind for eternity.


Episode 1

Is Privacy Dead?

Humans now live under a global surveillance system that solves crime and uncovers terrorist plots. What impact does this security have on privacy?

Episode 2

Can We Cheat Death?

Scientists are learning the mechanisms of aging and getting closer to a world where death is curable. Are humans about to enter a new age of immortality?

Episode 3

Are There More Than Two Sexes?

Science reveals the line between male and female is blurred. Are there more than two sexes?

Episode 4

Is Gun Crime A Virus?

Every 17 minutes, someone is killed with a gun. Is this an epidemic that scientists can cure?

Episode 5

Can We All Become Geniuses?

Genius lies somewhere in the human mind. Might we augment our biology with technology to unlock the genius inside us all?

Episode 6

Is The Force With Us?

New research is revealing a hidden force in the universe instantly linking every place in the world and joining the future with the past.

Episode 7

What Makes A Terrorist?

How can terrorists think the way they do? Science is peering into the dark heart of terror networks to find out what makes them do what they do.

Episode 8

Can We Hack The Planet?

Scientists are unlocking the secrets of nature in order to tame the elements, harness energy, and even control life. Can we save humanity in time?

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