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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Terror Birds

This monster bird stood seven-feet tall and battled wolves and sabretooth tigers. Scientists reconstruct its deadly hooked beak to see how it killed its prey.

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Episode 2

T-Rex Of The Deep

The Mosasaur was an eight-ton marine killing machine. Scientists reconstruct its awesome jaws in steel to show how it was the apex predator of prehistoric seas.

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Episode 3

Biggest Killer Dino

Spinosaurus was a carnivore twice the size of T-Rex with a massive crocodilian skull. The only skeleton was thought lost, but now fragments have resurfaced.

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Episode 4

Dinosaur King

The Acrocanthosaurus was the greatest predator ever to stalk North America - a 12m beast able to kill 30 ton prey. Can scientists reconstruct this killing machine?

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Episode 5

Giant Lizard

The Megalania was a huge meat eating lizard that ruled its territory for a million years. What destroyed this killing machine - and could scientists reconstruct it?

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Episode 6

Bear Dog

Predator expert Dave Salmoni and a team of renowned palaeontologists investigate the fearsome Bear Dog, the top carnivore of the Miocene Epoch.