Episode 1

My Second Brain Is Killing Me

A man experiences bizarre swelling around his eye. A 12-year-old girl falls mysteriously ill and a young woman's symptoms leave her close to madness.

Episode 2

Help! I'm Being Eaten Alive

A young girl goes to hospital with stabbing pains in her scalp. A woman is struck by severe, strange symptoms that threaten to tear her family apart.

Episode 3

There's A Maggot In My Head

A woman who recently gave birth is in a critical condition. A young man feels excruciating pain and doctors discover something has invaded his brain.

Episode 4

Something Is Eating My Baby

A boy is struck with a serious fever. A woman has bizarre symptoms that push her to the brink of madness, and a toddler falls into a trance-like state.

Episode 5

My Brain Is Under Attack

A man falls comatose. A student's sore throat turns deadly, and the monster destroying him is shockingly common. A woman's bizarre symptoms stun experts.

Episode 6

The Monster In My Mouth

An infant suffers terrifying seizures. A biology professor in a strange experiment becomes an unexpected host. A family man is hit by thousands of parasites.

Episode 7

Braced For Death

A teenager develops mysterious blotchy sores. A tough athlete is hit by a rare disease that make him hallucinate. Plus, a woman battles strange bouts of vomiting.

Episode 8

I Can't Stop Coughing Up Blood

A man starts coughing up blood. A newlywed husband is struck down by a rare disease. A young father experiences crippling abdominal pain.

Episode 9

The Organ Shredder

An infant is suddenly paralysed. A young father grapples with a monster that threatens to blind him. Plus, a woman's excruciating pain confounds experts.

Episode 10

All I Got For Christmas

A man bangs his head and fights a rare medical mystery. A wound in a boy's knee hosts an uninvited guest, and a man unwittingly feeds his own killer.

Episode 11

My Lungs Are Rotting

A young woman is struck with a dangerous parasite covering her in oozing sores, whilst a man is brought to the brink by a deadly fungus.

Episode 12

There Are Twigs In My Urine

A man develops a strange growth on his wrist. A nurse sees twig-like pieces in her urine. A pregnant woman falls dangerously ill with flu-like symptoms.

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