Episode 1

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Matchmaker Kat helps Harold find a wife in Czech Republic. Susan gives love a chance in Colombia. Stanika hopes to find her first ever boyfriend in Morocco.

Episode 2

Make Me A Match

Kat questions Harold's honesty on his profile. Stanika heads to her first date in Morocco. Nathaly wants to find love before her family does it for her.

Episode 3

Find Me A Find

Kat sets Harold up with his dream woman. Juan forces Nathaly outside her comfort zone. Mark wants a family but worries about Morocco's conservative laws.

Episode 4

Catch Me A Catch

Stanika's second date has one too many surprises for her. Despite previously being engaged three times, Chad is ready to find the love of his life in Colombia.

Episode 5

Look Through Your Book

Chad overshares on his first date in Colombia. Plus, Harold is open to new matches and a new look, and Stanika digs into her date's issues.

Episode 6

Bring Me A Ring

Harold meets his second match in an usual location. Juan gives Susan some harsh feedback. After three failed engagements, Chad is ready to find love.

Episode 7

Think You'd Get A Prince?

Chad overshares on his first date in Colombia. Harold's date continues in his hotel room. Michelle enlists the help of a matchmaker to find her prince.

Episode 8

Please Take Your Time

Mark worries his date isn't on the same page as him. Stanika reunites with Noureddine, who has a big surprise for her. Susan is surprised by her final match.

Episode 9

Why Shouldn't I Want The Best?

Michelle's first date takes a turn. Nathaly meets someone she didn't expect. Harold's date tests his flexibility. Stanika meets Noureddine's family.

Episode 10

Have I Made A Match For You!

Harold wants to make a big gesture for Michaela. Chad's torn between two Latin women. Susan meets Juan one last time. Houda gives Mark an ultimatum.

Episode 11

Playing With Matches

Michelle's date is brought to tears. Harold is ready to ask Michaela an important question. Noureddine wants a serious talk about the future with Stanika.

Episode 12

It's Just That I'm Terrified

Chad's date with Maria ends abruptly. Michelle gets intimate on a first date. Stanika and Noureddine make a big decision. Mark emotionally opens up to Nina.

Episode 13

I Promise You'll Be Happy

An angry Chad leaves his final date in tears. Harold decides to give Michaela the ring anyway. Stanika and Noureddine try to make long distance work.