Episode 1

Brass Trumpets, Egg Cartons

Photocopiers are mined for their copper and recomposed into brass trumpets. Plus, potatoes are shredded down and reformed into recycled egg cartons.

Episode 2

Prosthetic Hands

Recycling visionaries and chemistry wizards work hand in hand getting a second life out fridges giving a second chance to people in need.

Episode 3

Chairs, Flowerpots, and Turntables

Plastic bottles are used to make chairs, and a rubber tire is made into a flowerpot. Plus, a steel bridge is resurrected into a turntable.

Episode 4

Coins, Speakers, and Race Cars

X-Ray film is mined and refined into gleaming pure silver coins. Plus, pine beams are being reclaimed from ruins and crafted into speaker cabinets.

Episode 5

Diamonds, Tile, Cookie Tins

A wrecked hatchback makes a major detour when it is transformed into a shiny cookie tin. Plus, a shimmering diamond rises out of the ashes.

Episode 6

Trophies, Guitars

Unwanted wire is refined into a lustrous bronze trophy. Plus, floorboards are harvested for their old growth timber and repurposed into handmade guitars.

Episode 7

Picture Frames, Rings, and Boats

Foam coolers are melted and moulded into decorative frames. Plus, cell phones are mined for their precious metals and minted into engagement rings.

Episode 8

Copper Pots, Dresses, and Roads

TV sets are mined and spun off into high-end copper pots. Plus, milk is processed into protein powder and woven into yarn to make a cocktail dress.

Episode 9

Knives, Surfboard Bags, and Penguin Fences

Old mattresses are transformed into cutting-edge chef's knives. Plus, billboards are resurrected into cool surfboard bags.

Episode 10

Manhole Covers, Snow Globes

Old shopping carts morph into manhole covers, and used toilet paper rolls turn into Foosball tables. Plus, airline trays transform into Snow Globes.

Episode 11

Ornaments, Greeting Cards

Wine bottles are shattered, melted and morphed into decorative glass ornaments. Plus, cast iron cookware is recast into a traditional woodstove.

Episode 12

Water Bottles, Bar Coasters

Diamond plate toolboxes are moulded into lightweight aluminium water bottles. Plus, old jeans are deconstructed then tailored into denim sunglasses.

Episode 13

Briefcases, Garden Gnomes

Airline uniforms are shredded into fibre and refashioned into a stylish briefcase. Plus, aluminium hair spray cans are turned into garden gnomes.

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