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Episode 1

Churchill Tank - Britain Fights Back

Extraordinary tales of how the Allies strove to master the development and use of tanks, setting them up for their pivotal role in WWII.

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Episode 2

Cromwell Tank - A British Heavyweight

A British heavyweight, the agile Cromwell battle tank finally swung into action at Normandy in 1944, after undergoing many modifications.

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Episode 3

Grant M3 Tank - America's Answer

An astonishing construction frenzy saw the US produce over 6000 M3 tanks, with their 75mm weapons, in little more than 15 months during WWII.

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Episode 4

Sherman Tank

Nearly 50,000 of these superb fighting vehicles were built during the war: in reliability, serviceability and cost effectiveness they were unmatched.

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Episode 5

KV Tank - Russian Steel Monster

When it was designed in 1939, the Russian KV was the most advanced heavy tank in the world and was seemingly impervious to anti-tank fire.

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Episode 6

T-34 Tank - Russia's Cutting Edge

The appearance of this secret tank shocked the Germans. It was easy to produce and maintain and had innovative and formidable heavy armament.