Episode 1

Choose Your Builder, Wisely

Kevin Hart and his Plastic Cup Boyz want to make their passion for cars legit, but to do this, they need a serious education about cars and car culture.

Episode 2

The Need For Speed

Kevin and the Boyz take their first educational field trip to the Irwindale Drag Strip, where they learn about power and engine boosts from experienced locals.

Episode 3

Try And Catch Me

The Boyz take a trip to Radford Racing School in Arizona. Spank and Lucky talk engine, interiors, and paint, but budget gets in the way of Spank's dreams.

Episode 4

How Low Can You Go?

A discussion about stance and paint leads the Boyz to visit the Peterson Museum of Los Angeles to see the finest examples of colour, chrome and other details.

Episode 5

Ripping Around The Track

A visit to The Dockweiler VW Bug show gives Joey some ideas. The Boyz visit Irwindale Drift Track to learn how to make extreme use of brakes and suspension.

Episode 6

The Boyz Have Auction Fever

The Boyz visit a live auction at Barrett-Jackson, where they get a taste of high-end cars. Back at the Car Club, Kevin is unhappy with their progress.

Episode 7

No F's To Give

The Boyz set off to achieve everything necessary for their official Car Club Launch. Harry and John get a taste of working at the highest resto/mod level.

Episode 8

A Car Club Is Born!

The Boyz arrive at Boss' social media location to take iconic photos and launch them into the world. Kevin surprises everyone with a new goal for the group.

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