Episode 1


John Nichol hosts this series featuring aircraft that evoke powerful memories and strong emotions among aviators and the public alike. He starts with the Hercules.

Episode 2


Against the spectacular background of Cape Town, John Nichol takes a supersonic flight in the most powerful fighter aircraft Britain has ever built.

Episode 3

Super Fortress

John Nichol joins this beautifully preserved aircraft in Texas to retrace a momentous flight and chats to aircrew who flew the B29 in combat.

Episode 4


RAF Gulf War hero John Nichol returns to the cockpit to profile iconic aircraft from the history of aviation. In this episode he looks at the Dakota.

Episode 5


On an unprecedented visit to the Russian Air Force's test pilot school near Moscow, John Nichol takes a flight in this immensely powerful aircraft.

Episode 6


John Nichol undertakes combat training at Lemoore, the world-renowned Top Gun facility.

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