Episode 1

The Ballad Of Botham Jean

Botham Jean was shot by an off-duty officer in his own apartment. His brother Brandt relives the moment he forgave Botham's murderer.

Episode 2

Stolen Dreams

In Colorado, a 911 dispatcher receives a call from a woman in distress. As the dispatcher uncovers the horrific events, she forges a fast friendship with the victim.

Episode 4

The Betrayal

In Newfoundland, 1991, 19-year-old Greg Parsons is charged with the murder of his estranged mother Catherine. It becomes a national story, with a shocking twist.

Episode 5

There's No Winning In Murder

In 2013, Alyssiah Wiley is found dead in a wooded area of Trumbull, Connecticut. As her family fight for justice, they are hit by another tragedy.

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