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Over 100,000 people are killed each year by wild animals, but hundreds more beat the odds and survive the most extreme attacks. Why do some people live and others die?


Episode 1

Living Nightmare

Follow extraordinary tales of survival. A farmer is bitten by a cobra hidden under his pillow and a teenager on a rafting trip is mauled by a black bear.

Episode 2

Trial by Fire

A young boy stung by hundreds of ants and game ranger viciously attacked by a lioness fight for their lives. Follow their extraordinary tales of survival

Episode 3

One Last Shot

A teenager bitten by an unidentified animal while surfing in Costa Rica, and a man attacked by a grizzly bear share their extraordinary tales of survival.

Episode 4

Death Wish

A wildlife specialist clings to life after being pinned under his truck by a charging elephant and boy battles to save his father after he is bitten by a rattlesnake.

Episode 5


Two friends fight for survival after they are bitten by a supposedly harmless class pet, and a family vacation becomes a nightmare when a father is mauled by a hippo.

Episode 6


A mother bitten on each hand by a deadly cottonmouth snake, and a teenage tourist gored by an elephant in Kenya share their extraordinary tales of survival.

Episode 7

Out of Reach

When a humpback whale rams a sailboat, the crew are forced to abandon ship in the middle of the ocean. Their chances of survival are slim. Will they all make...

Episode 8


A young boy clings to life after being savagely mauled by a cougar and a man is lucky to be alive after receiving multiple bites from a deadly spider.

Episode 9

Hidden Danger

A hunter attacked by three grizzly bears struggles through miles of dark woods to find help. A man stung by a deadly jellyfish flies through a cyclone to receive aid.

Episode 10


A surfer ferociously attacked by a great white shark and a woman charged and trampled by a bison share their remarkable stories of survival.

Episode 11

Eaten Alive

A teenage surfer who was attacked by a tiger shark, and a hunter who tried to escape the claws of a black bear by climbing a tree, share their stories...

Episode 12


A teenage girl who contacted rabies from a bat bite and a man who was stalked and attacked by a great white shark share their astonishing stories of survival.

Episode 13


A young woman stung by a scorpion whilst on deployment in Iraq, and a teenage boy preyed upon by three huge lions, share their extraordinary tales of survival.

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