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About The Show

Over 100,000 people are killed each year by wild animals, but hundreds more beat the odds and survive the most extreme attacks. Why do some people live and others die?


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Episode 1


Follow extraordinary tales of survival. After being bitten by a black widow, Mike fights for life. Can he be saved using an illegal antivenom smuggled into the US?

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Episode 2

Blood Saviours

Follow extraordinary tales of survival. Craig is attacked by a bull shark in Florida and Piet by a leopard at his daughter's wedding. Will they make it?

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Episode 3


Follow extraordinary tales of survival. A mother watches helplessly as her teenager is mauled by three lions, and in Iraq, a soldier is stung by a scorpion.

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Episode 4


Deep in the woods a sheriff is bitten by a rattlesnake and in Hawaii a diver is impaled by crocodile needlefish in the chest. Both are miles from help, will...

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Episode 5


A lifeguard is attacked by a great white shark in South Africa and a golfer gets bitten by a rattlesnake. Can they reach help in time to save them?

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Episode 6

Out of the Blue

A family go to visit a couple's new home and are attacked by a swarm of killer bees and a man is attacked in the Bahamas by a bull shark....

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Episode 7


Two men find themselves in a brutal fight for their lives as they are pitted against 35 escaped chimpanzees, and a man clings to life after being bitten by a...

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Episode 8

Last Man Standing

On an Alaskan island a man is mauled by a brown bear, while another is bitten by a deadly black mamba. Both are hundreds of miles from help, will they...

Coming Soon

Episode 9

A New Day

An engagement party turns to tragedy when one of the guests is attacked by an alligator and a man is bitten five times by the deadly death adder. Will they...

Coming Soon

Episode 10


When a black bear attacks her family, a mother puts her life on the line to save her children and a man is bitten by a deadly taipan on 9/11....