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About The Show

In Reno, casino “pit boss” Jerry falls for Sharee. They begin a steamy affair, but their relationship gets tricky when she tells Jerry that she’s married to a mobster.


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Episode 1

A Shotgun Affair

Lori thinks she's found 'Mr Right' in rugged Gary. Lori's friend Lisa also agrees and lures Gary into a steamy affair, until Gary meets the irresistible Carol.

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Episode 2

Deadliest Catch

A mother battling for a life, a father drowning in bills. Inside this family crisis, lurks unspeakable evil. A tragic accident starts the downward spiral.

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Episode 3

Killing Me Softly

Miami teenager Christin Bilotti is as talented as she is beautiful. Her parents treat her like a princess and are wary when she meets a charming boy.

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Episode 4

Stabbed in the Back

When Anne meets Danny it seems like a match made in heaven. But years later, their divorce quickly spirals into a violent custody battle, which soon turns deadly.

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Episode 5

Agent of Death

Vern's real estate firm is a successful businesses. But this family patriarch has problems: a son whose marriage is crumbling, and a business deal that's going sour.

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Episode 6

Hart of Darkness

Gilbert believes a strict parenting style is the best approach, but his wife thinks differently. It isn't long before this family feud escalates into tragedy.

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Episode 7

First to Die

A shotgun wedding leads naval officers John and Rebecca in a troubled marriage. Years later, a fierce custody battle pushes both sides in a deadly battle.

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Episode 8

Badge of Blood

Antoinette and Ronnie want to make a different and join the New Orleans Police. But soon, temptation and greed leads one cop down a dark and deadly path to murder.

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Episode 9

Truth or Death

Sparks fly when Donald meets a beautiful Mississippi blonde. They soon get married and have a happy family - but beneath this blissful union lurks deceit and danger.