Episode 1

The Katrina Cannibal

After surviving Hurricane Katrina, Zack and Addie believe their relationship can withstand any problems. But, the couple have a deadly breakup.

Episode 2

Dead Charming

Rachel Entwistle and her nine-month-old daughter were both found murdered at home in Massachusetts. Neil, Rachel's husband, was not in the house - who killed them?

Episode 3

The Spy Who Conned Me

Mary and Will met on a dating website, and for two years they seemed to be happily married. But, his dark web of lies unravels and ends in murder.

Episode 4

Babyfaced Killer

Serial killer Lesley Warren was found guilty of murdering four people, although many believe he killed more. Relatives and acquaintances relive the events.

Episode 5

Blood Lust

Rod Ferrell was a member of a gang of teenagers known as the 'Vampire Clan'. At 17 he was the youngest inmate to be put on death row when he...

Episode 6

Evil In My House

Margie thought all her prayers had been answered when she met Sean Paul Lanier. But, her world is turned upside down when she learns police are looking for him.

Episode 7

Desert Rat

Loretta Bowersock thought she had found her dream man when she met Taw Benderly. But, after a trip away together she disappeared - what happened to her?

Episode 8

The Navy Seal Pastor

Pastor Tim Tillman is considered a pillar of his small community. But, when his wife dies, his sketchy double life and dark secrets are exposed.

Episode 9

The Deadly Dentist

When Betty Wolsieffer was found brutally murdered in her home, police don't believe it was an intruder. The investigation unravels two mistresses and more lies.

Episode 10

The Abusive Charmer

Flight attendant Kate Jewell fell in love with a seemingly charming naturopathic doctor. However, he soon becomes violent and she must escape.

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