About The Show

Shauna Rae, a woman trapped in the body of an 8-year-old, navigates the challenges of entering adulthood when the world sees her as a small child.


Episode 1

In The Hot Seat

Shauna goes on a date with a man who has pituitary dwarfism. Later, she has her first driving lesson, but will her fears behind the wheel hold her back?

Episode 2

Can I Have Kids?

Shauna goes on a job interview to work with animals, but a new passion emerges. Later, her reproductive endocrinologist makes a potentially worrisome discovery.

Episode 3

The Girl With The Daith Earring

Shauna clocks in for her first day at her new job! Later, Patty makes an announcement to Tara and Shauna that leaves her in tears.

Episode 4

The Mystery Man

Shauna makes plans with a potential new love interest and Patty works to get answers about the BRCA gene. Plus, Rylee shares her coming out story.

Episode 5

Shauna In The City

Shauna, Rylee and Naiyh go on a girls' weekend getaway to New York City to celebrate Shauna's birthday and attend the Pride March.

Episode 6

A Fishy Date

The family helps Tara with wedding plans. Also, Shauna's online friend visits, and she learns more about him as they make sushi together.

Episode 7

My Big Fat Greek Party

While Mark and Patty are out of town, the girls throw a toga party. Shauna gets sassy on a date with Dan and makes progress with her fashion line.

Episode 8

Something's Brewing

While Shauna bartends at a charity event, a love triangle brews when both Dan and Thomas show up. Later, the family goes wedding dress shopping with Tara.

Episode 9

Shauna Takes The Wheel

Shauna finally heads to her driver's test. The family unite for a photoshoot, and Shauna grapples with the decision to apply to fashion school.

Episode 10

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Shauna and Rylee move to Brooklyn for a trial run living on their own. Shauna faces a big decision: to pursue school or travel the world with Dan.

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