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Astronomers have discovered bizarre planets very different to Earth out in the galaxy, but will we ever locate a planet similar to our own?


Episode 2

Strange Lives Of Dwarf Planets

Dwarf planets are some of the solar system's most active places, from oceans of liquid water on Pluto to vanishing volcanoes on icy Ceres.

Episode 3

Twin Suns: The Alien Mysteries

Half of the star systems in our galaxy have two stars, possibly creating habitats for alien life. Here, binary stars fling entire worlds into space.

Episode 4

Uranus & Neptune: Rise Of The Ice Giants

New research shows the migration of ice planets may have helped start life on Earth, and stopped it being destroyed. How are they so vital?

Episode 5

The Quasar Enigma

Quasars are the brightest objects in space, powered by black holes, and the most mysterious. How do they shape the universe and ultimately aid in its destruction?

Episode 6

Death Of The Milky Way

The Milky Way is dying and scientists are trying to discover what's killing it. Scientists must trace its whereabouts over the past 13.6 billion years.

Episode 7

War On Asteroids

Once thought to be an inevitable disaster, scientists now have the technology to prevent asteroids from hitting the Earth. How are they working to do this?

Episode 8

Secret History Of Mercury

For four years, the Messenger space probe sent images of Mercury, the solar system's smallest planet, closest to the Sun. Could it threaten life on Earth?

Episode 9

Dark History Of The Solar System

The solar system is different to others in the Milky Way, but it hides a violent past. Scientists examine the clues to reveal its secret history.

Episode 10

Mystery Of Spacetime

Space isn't as empty as it seems. It conceals a secret structure called spacetime - an invisible field that governs our lives.