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New science and demonstrations reveal fascinating facts about animals large and small.


Episode 1

Levitating Lizards And Immortal Jellyfish

New science and amazing demonstrations reveal how a lizard can literally walk on water. And, can jellyfish live forever?

Episode 2

Supersonic Owls And Invisible Octopuses

A bird expert reveals how a barn owl catches prey it can't even see. And, what makes octopuses masters of disguise?

Episode 3

Backwards Birds And Slimy Sea Creatures

High-speed footage reveals how the hummingbird can fly backwards. And, why are hagfish the most disgusting creatures in the ocean?

Episode 4

Puppy Dog Tails And Crocodile Jaws

Scientists reveal what a dog's tail wag really means. Plus, what's the secret behind a crocodile's powerful jaws - and how to escape it?

Episode 5

Psychic Cats And Fuzzy Otters

New science and demonstrations reveal how cats can detect an earthquake seconds before it happens. And, how do sea otters keep warm in icy waters?

Episode 6

Elephant Noses And Ancient Animals

New science and amazing demonstrations reveal why elephants have trunks. Plus, why do some animals live so long, and why do cats purr?

Episode 7

Supersmart Dolphins And Hungry Hyenas

A game of underwater copycat shows how smart dolphins really are. How do hyenas eat almost anything? And, how do geckos defy gravity?

Episode 8

Space Bugs And Squirrel Mind Maps

Are alligators music lovers? How a squirrel can hide up to 10,000 nuts in one season and still find most of them? And, can a bug survive in space?

Episode 9

Cheesy Mice And Flatulent Manatees

Experts reveal how blind bats avoid collision. Do mice really like cheese? What makes manatees' farts so special? And, why are slugs so slimy?

Episode 10

Flying Whales And Hippo Sunscreen

Experts examine how humpback whales leap so far out of water. Why do dogs tilt their heads? Why do animals swarm? How do spiders shed their skin?

Episode 11

Smart Pups And Fish Baths

Experts test to see if wild wolves are smarter than domestic dogs with an interesting experiment. Plus, can spiders really fly? And, how do polar bears keep warm?

Episode 12

Headbanging Birds And Unsinkable Ants

Experts look at why ants don't drown. Why don't woodpeckers get headaches? And, how does a 15-foot octopus escape through a three-inch hole?

Episode 13

Whale Songs And Cool Canines

Experts test to see how anteaters eat so quickly. Plus, why do male humpback whales sing and how do they do it with no vocal cords?

Episode 14

Super Sloths And Ostrich Marathons

Experts test how good dogs' noses are at picking up scents under water. Plus, how and why do fireflies glow? And, how do ostriches run so fast?

Episode 15

Decorative Crabs And Loud Lions

What are lions saying when they roar? What are leaf cutter ants doing with the leaves they collect? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 16

Fish Farts And Giant Eggs

Why do domestic cats find it so hard to get down from trees, and how have two jungle cats evolved? Plus, why do kiwi birds lay huge eggs for their...

Episode 17

Secret Transformation

How do caterpillars transform into butterflies in their cocoon? Plus, why are cats' tongues the way they are? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 18

Deadly Dinner

Why are some cats cross-eyed? How do meerkats eat poisonous scorpions and how can hippos sleep whilst holding their breath? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 19

Eagle Eye

How does a squirrel take on a dangerous rattle snake? What makes eagles' eyes so powerful? Plus, why is the planet overrun with bugs? Experts answer these questions!

Episode 20

Black And White Secrets

Do parrots really know what they're talking about? How do electric eels not electrocute themselves? Plus, why are pandas black and white?

Episode 21

Cool Koalas And Elephant Calls

How do koalas keep cool in the Australian sun? How do elephants communicate when they are miles apart? Experts answer these questions!

Episode 22

Cat Speech

What are cats trying to communicate to humans? Why have some of the world's cleverest monkeys turned to a life of crime? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 23

Sheep-Wrangling Dogs And Turtle Tears

Why are moths attracted to flames? Why do turtles cry? And, why do sea otters bond with stones? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 24

Foxy Foxes And Sticky Spiders

Why don't spiders get stuck in their own webs? How do foxes find water in the desert? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 25

Cheeky Hamsters And Camel Humps

How do hamsters stuff so much into their cheeks? Why do camels have humps? Plus, why are pigeon wings so noisy? Experts answer these questions!

Episode 26

Dog Doctors And Animal Architects

How does your dog know when you're sick? Which animals make the most amazing nest? Why do octopuses have blue blood? Experts have the answers!

Episode 27

Time-Telling Dogs And Kangaroo Hops

How do dogs tell time? What is the secret behind the kangaroo's hop? Plus, why do vultures fly in circles? Experts answer these questions!

Episode 28

Acrobatic Cats And Butterfly Wings

How do cats always land on their feet? How do hummingbirds fly when it is raining? Plus, does a subterranean mammal on the secret to longevity?

Episode 29

Cuddly Rhinos And Bizarre Noses

Why are cows always chewing? Do rhinos have a sensitive side and what's the loudest animal on earth? Plus, why do rattlesnakes release their prey?

Episode 30

Burly Seahorses And Early Birds

Why do dogs bury bones? Can elephants detect bombs? Why do birds sing in the morning? Plus, what makes seahorses almost indestructible?

Episode 31

Barking Dogs And Sloth Buffets

Why do sloths turn green? How do sea turtles navigate their way home? Plus, how do diving beetles spend so long underwater?

Episode 32

Hearing With No Ears

Do mosquitos prefer the taste of some people over others? How can snakes hear if they have no ears? How do millions of birds fly as one?

Episode 33

Flying Snakes

How can elephants hear something hundreds of miles away? What goes on inside a chicken's egg? How has an incredible snake learnt how to fly?

Episode 34

Lizard Vs. Water Buffalo

How can a fish fly the length of three football fields? Can a spider be adorable? What's the real story behind a flamingo's colour?

Episode 35

Now That's A Smart Fish

How is one fish blowing scientists away with its brainpower? How have dogs learnt to melt our hearts? Do chimps laugh at the same jokes we do?

Episode 36

Fast Biters And Fish Snipers

How does a fish make a weapon out of water? Why do turtles always return to the same beach to lay their eggs? Why do rhinos all poop in the...

Episode 37

Guilty As A Dog

Do dogs feel guilt when they do something wrong? Why don't long-distance flyers get lost? Plus, why are tigers orange? Experts answer these questions and more!

Episode 38

Head-Sized Eats

What do dogs see when they watch TV? How do snakes eat prey twice the size of their heads? How are cuttlefish able to vanish without a trace?

Episode 39

Dancing Arachnids

Which birds can fly as high as a passenger jet? Why are tiny jumping spiders dancing for their lives? How have West Coast squirrels outsmarted rattlesnakes?

Episode 40

The Secret To A Long Life

How are homing pigeons able to find their way home? How are spiders luring bugs into their trap? How can some fish survive for years above ground?

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