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Individuals, couples and families search for their ideal home. With long wish-lists and different opinions, will they find what they’re looking for?


Episode 1

Twin Cities First-Timers

A young, engaged couple is looking to purchase their first home in Minneapolis. She wants a place near downtown, but he prefers the suburbs.

Episode 2

Agent's Battle In San Antonio

Real estate agents are looking for a house in San Antonio. She wants a small place with character but he prefers a new construction with lots of room.

Episode 3

Heading To Sonoma Wine Country

A first-time buyer moves to Sonoma, California. She's looking for a family-sized cottage, but her friend thinks a townhouse would be a better fit.

Episode 4

Compromising In New Jersey

Two cousins want to buy their first home together in New Jersey. One wants a single-family home while the other insists on a low-maintenance townhouse.

Episode 5

Room For Girlfriend In Chicago

A first-time buyer wants a home that will convince his new girlfriend to move in with him. But finding a place in his budget will be a challenge.

Episode 6

Lake Dreams In Wisconsin

A couple move to his hometown of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. He wants a place that's on the lake, but she prefers a larger home away from the water.

Episode 7

Designing A Dallas Dream Condo

A single interior designer is tired of renting and looks for her first home in Dallas, Texas. She's looking for a modern condo with a balcony.

Episode 8

Impressive In San Francisco

San Francisco newlyweds look to buy their first place. She's willing to spend more for something impressive, but he's worried what her tastes will cost.

Episode 9

Glam Vs. Land In New York

TV star Dominique Jackson and her fiancé search for their first home in Orange County, New York. Can they find a place that meets both their wish lists?

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