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Individuals, couples and families search for their ideal home. With long wish-lists and different opinions, will they find what they’re looking for?


Episode 1

Must Be New In South Carolina

A single mother is ready to buy her first home. She's won't settle for anything that isn't brand new, but her wish list may be too big for her budget.

Episode 2

Making Space In Maryland

A young, married couple needs more room for their growing family. He's doesn't mind taking on a project, but she prefers a townhouse that's move-in ready.

Episode 3

A Fresh Start In Tampa

A single woman looks to make a fresh start with a new home in Tampa. She wants a large house that's move-in ready, but her best friend disagrees.

Episode 4

Plastic Surgeon Glam, Atlanta

A couple seek a new home for their family in Atlanta, Georgia. She wants a home with a touch of glam and will stop at nothing to get it.

Episode 5

A Slower Lifestyle In Portland Oregon

A Los Angeles couple want to move to Portland, Oregon. He prefers a Victorian-style house with lots of character, but she wants something more modern.

Episode 6

Large And Unique In Stafford

A couple hunt for a large and unique house in Stafford, Virginia. He wants a traditional home in the country but she prefers a modern style in town.

Episode 7

King Of The Ohio Suburbs

Empty nesters can't agree on a new home in Columbus, Ohio. She's looking for a smaller place near the city but he wants a larger house in the suburbs.

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