Episode 1

Ford Truck/Cop Car Body Swap!

The guys buy a 1966 Ford F100, but they want to upgrade it into the ultimate shop truck. Tony and Lucky use a police car to convert the old banger.

Episode 2

Crown Hick, F100/Crown Victoria Cop Car Body Swap Gets Up and Running!

Tony and Lucky continue working on swapping the 1966 Ford F100's body with the old police car body.

Episode 3

How To Build A Low-Buck Muscle Car

Tony and Lucky buy a 1965 Pontiac Lemans convertible. But, it's half rust and half dirt - can they bring this classic car back to life?

Episode 4

Ultimate Road Trip Build

Tony and Lucky get the "HRGLEMANSTER" back in action with a complete QA1 suspension system and fire up 326 with a new Holley Terminator Stealth EFI system.

Episode 5

The Crown Hick Gets Supercharged V-8 Power!

Tony and Lucky want to add way more power to their trusty shop truck. The Crown Hick 1966 Ford F100 sits on a 2007 Crown Victoria.

Episode 6

Drift 'cuda Gets Sideways!!

Tony and Lucky modify the 'Cuda. After making it track ready, they take it to Old Bridge Township Raceway Park and hit the drift course!

Episode 7

10 Second Quarter-Mile For 10 Grand (Ish)

Tony and Lucky swap in a junkyard-fresh 5.3L on the #bonemaro low-buck drag project, performing some critical upgrades along the way.

Episode 8

Big American V-8 In A Tiny British Car, Meet The 5.0 MG!!

Tony and Lucky prove that less weight means more speed as they pack the engine of an '86 Mustang V8 into a tiny 1964 MG.

Episode 9

70's Street Machine Van Build!

Tony, Lucky, and special guest Lindsay Ross transform a banged-up 1987 Chevrolet G10 work van into a 1977 Boogie Van clone!

Episode 10

Adding Horsepower To A 6.0L LS

Lucky Costa's personal '66 Chevelle gets major upgrades to its 6.0L LS truck engine - and that includes some serious horsepower!

Episode 11

Ultimate Road Trip Car

Tony Angelo and Lucky Costa take their '65 LeMans project and turn it into a road-trip hauler. They put it to the test on a trip of their own.

Episode 12

Hack The C10 Market!

Tony and Lucky dive into the red-hot C10 truck market. They demonstrate how to build a killer shortbed truck on a longbed budget!

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