Episode 1


When a single mother breaks up with her volatile boyfriend, he takes her hostage. As her life hangs in the balance, a friend on a SWAT team is determined to...

Episode 2

Banking On Fear

Intruders break in and hold Valerie Yussman hostage. They demand her son Matthew rob the credit union where he works and attach a bomb to him to ensure he complies.

Episode 3

The Doorbell Rang Twice

Newlyweds Kristi and Jim are tested to the limit when masked men invade their home. The couple think it's just a burglary, but then things escalate.

Episode 4

The Man Who Stole Christmas

The Daniels come home to find their house ransacked. They brush it off, until a knock on the door a few days after Christmas changes their lives forever.

Episode 5

A Mother And A Maniac

When Haley McHam decides to leave her abusive partner and heads to her mother's house, nobody could have predicted the tragic home invasion that would follow.

Episode 6

First Flame

Sophia is excited to start her last year of high school after ending her abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Unable to take the rejection, he breaks into her house.

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